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Headache Management

Headache management

At Knocknacarra Physiotherapy we frequently see patients who have suffered needlessly with chronic headaches. We understand how severely disabling headaches are and know how frustration it is, to be dependent on daily medication..

While there is a broad spectrum of headaches, Cervicogenic headaches, or tension type headaches are those most commonly seen in our clinic and effectively treated with Physiotherapy. Our experience has shown that they can exist in isolation, but are often associated with whiplash, or an old injury, or indeed part of a more complex problem.

At Knocknacarra Physiotherapy Clinic, we will help you to firstly understand the cause of your headache. We carefully assess all the structures, not only in your neck, but upper back and shoulder as well, which may also be contributing to your symptoms. We then use specific physiotherapy techniques to address those joints and muscles which are the root cause of your headache. This can include joint mobilisation and manipulation techniques, deep tissue massage, myofascial release,  trigger point release or dry Needling. Often a combination of hands on techniques as well as a stretching and strengthening programme is required.

We will also guide you through identifying your triggers and advise on how best to control them. We also advise on postural correction, stress reduction, ergonomic changes as well as how to improve the quality of your sleep,. Our aim is to improve your quality of life and ultimately reducing your dependence on medication.

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